My On-the-Road Office Desperately Needed this Lifesaving Car Accessory


Several months ago, I was searching for a gift for a friend with small children. As I clicked and clicked through gobs of options, something called a Backseat Car Organizer by Smiinky caught my eye. It was an interesting-looking car accessory that honestly reminded me of a nicer version of one of those shoe organizers you’d hang on the back of your closet or bedroom door.


As I looked at this thing, I thought it would make an outstanding gift for my friend who was constantly complaining about her car being like a roaming jungle. But before I completed my order, I realized something.


See, my kids can drive themselves now. I don’t have to go pick them up and shuttle them around anymore. I began thinking of their darling little faces and how big they’d gotten, and how it would have been nice to have something so handy in our car when they were small.


It also got me thinking even more about how I went into real estate and got my license to become a realtor once they were more self-sufficient. I was made for this career. I had office jobs before and as a realtor, I get to roam around and take my clients to view beautiful homes and then try to help them take ownership of those homes.


When I drive my clients around, I’m often handing them brochures and forms and they’re always asking for pens and other things. And that’s when it hit me. Maybe I don’t need a Backseat Car Organizer for my kids, but I could absolutely use it for my work.




So I ordered three total. One for my friend as a gift, and the other two to adorn the back of my driver’s side seat and the front passenger seat. I was so excited when they arrived. It took no time to clip these onto the back of the seats. The straps made it easy to adjust for a snug fit.

Then I was ready to fill my Backseat Car Organizers with my materials. I had already planned that out in advance. I used the larger pocket to hold all the paperwork nice and tidy in folders. I used one of the pockets to hold a pencil and pen holder so that my clients would never have to look hard for something to write with. I added some small containers of mints should they want something refreshing. And I stashed bottled waters in each one in case my clients became thirsty as we looked for their future home. I also included tissues and a packet of wet wipes in each just in case.


The difference I noticed was immediate. My clients were all thrilled that everything they needed was right in front of them. They loved flipping through the brochures. The mints were a big hit, and the water was too. It helped me deliver that extra level of personal service to my clients by allowing me to go above and beyond to anticipate their needs.


What I love about the Backseat Car Organizer is that it is easy to wipe clean. At the end of each day, I make sure to disinfect each one and tidy up the items and materials in mine so that for the next day, it’s ready to go.



before-organizer-for-kids-2 copy

I’ve been using them for several months now and they still look new. They’ve endured countless encounters with a variety of clients and have not once frayed or split along the seams. I’m absolutely thrilled with them. It’s my best-kept secret for helping close a sale. I have no idea how I ever managed without them.


I recommend the Backseat Car Organizer to everyone. I even bought them for my kids to keep in their cars. Of course, they thought it was a stupid idea when I gave it to them but now that they’ve used them, they agree this is one of the best car accessories ever. They use it to keep extra car chargers, snacks for road trips, spare change for toll roads, and other everyday items.


When I gave it as a gift to the person who I was originally shopping for when I found Smiinky’s Backseat Car Organizer, she absolutely adored it. She found plenty of things to fill hers with from wet wipes to sippy cups to toys and books. Since buying it for her and buying it for myself, I’ve bought 8 more as gifts and each time was applauded for finding something so unique and helpful.


So while this product is really designed with busy moms in mind, it really has so many more uses than that. The durability, functionality and versatility is exceptional. It’s amazing how many things you can fit in there and how many uses you’ll find for your Backseat Car Organizer if you just let your creativity run wild.


It’s helped me to be a better realtor, keeping me from forgetting the little things each day that help me stand out in my profession. I really believe that no matter what you do, you can benefit completely from having a Backseat Car Organizer in your car. It helps keeps your essential items tucked away so you’re less likely to forget them which is a huge blessing. I can’t say enough about this amazing product. I love it and think that everyone needs one of these in their life.