Car load of Cheerleaders In The Back Seat… Oh no!


Car load of Cheerleaders In The Back Seat… Oh no!



When my daughter made the cheerleading squad, I was so happy for her. As it turns out, several of the girls in our neighborhood also made the squad which made it even happier for them. Unfortunately though, it put the moms of those girls in a predicament because they couldn’t take them to practice and pick them up.


Since my schedule allows me to be completely flexible, I offered to drive them all. It’s not a big deal since I have to take my own daughter. What’s a few more girls, I thought.


After the first day though, my car felt the crazy. All the boy talk. The gossip! The gum wrappers. The shuffling of homework frantically being worked upon during the drive. The flipping through teen magazines and squealing over Justin Bieber. Yes, all this was happening in my car now.


I realized that the only way to keep the chaos from getting out of control was to be more organized. While I couldn’t prevent squealing (that Justin Bieber is pretty cute), I could make the backseat a more Zen-like place with a few adjustments.


The things that really helped pull this organization together was the best back seat organizer by Smiinky. This thing attaches within seconds in a completely simple way with adjustable straps that make it easy to give it a snug fit. It’s made from strong and easy to clean material and it holds all the things. All. The Things. If you want to learn more about Smiinky Organizer click on link.

So I added some pencils and pens into the pockets, bottled water, gum, mints, a mini-trash can that I’d seen in some other blogger’s post to combat the issue of random trash everywhere, and I even threw in a few teen magazines.


The next day of practice, when the girls got into the car, they started squealing. I figured it was because they found the magazines with Justin Bieber but they hadn’t even gotten that far yet. They were so happy for the car seat organizer because it had everything they needed right in front of them.


They also really appreciated the easy access to water. Where we live, it’s really hot and I’m so happy I don’t have to think about remembering to bring the girls something to help them stay hydrated.


After I installed the best backseat car organizers, the moms of the other girls contacted me. They each wanted to thank me for taking such good care of their daughters and doing more than simply driving them to practice. Then, they wanted to know exactly where they could get a Smiinky Backseat Car Organizer for themselves.