A Work-from-Home Mom’s Ultimate Car Accessory

A Work-from-Home Mom’s Ultimate Car Accessory


I’m a lucky mom. I get to work from home and earn money even while I play with my little twin boys. But despite all this luck, it can get tiring from time to time. Plus, there are times when I have to venture out to the supermarket, bank, post office, and plenty of other places.


I do direct sales marketing and I promote the products I use and sell on my Instagram page all day every day. But meeting new people and getting them involved in my business is a must and finding them in cafes, the line at the market, and anywhere else I go helps add to my adventure.


About 2 months ago, I made friends with a woman I’d met on line while we were waiting at the bank. I happened to be depositing money from my work-from-home earnings and we got to talking. She was interested in hearing more about my work so as we walked outside, I opened my car to give her some materials. I had to rummage around and I felt like the scent of baked apple juice and crumbs was going to kill us both. I knew I had to do something about it to stay more organized.


Around that time, I attended a baby shower for a friend. Her aunt got her a Backseat Car Organizer by Smiinky. It was a car seat organizer that you could sling to the back of the seat in front of it for handy storage of everyday items. As soon as I saw it, I knew that I needed it too.


So I ordered 2 of them. One I clipped to the back of the front passenger seat. I filled it with things for my kids from toys to travel size games, snacks, books, tissues, and wet tissues. The other one I clipped to the front of the front passenger seat so the kids wouldn’t play with it. It’s easy enough to move out of the way should I have someone get in the front seat with me.


In this one that I keep with me in the front, I have all my brochures and sales materials. I have samples of the products I sell so that I can give them out with my business cards. Once people try the products, they almost always order. When you distribute something of quality, you really don’t need to do much work convincing people to buy it. That’s why I loved the Car Seat Organizer. It helps me keep my car organized and allows me to do my best in my sales because I never have to miss an opportunity looking for what I need. It’s truly a marvelous product that has only enhanced my productivity, and I think everyone can benefit from having one in their car.